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SEO, Google Adwords

Optimize your website together

Well structured, SEM or SEO is the only SEO technique that allows maximum exposure of your site on search engines, throughout the year and without large budget gap.

This long-term work is organized in two major inter-dependent strategic steps:
The analysis and technical optimization of your site then the follow-up of position accompanied by the consolidations necessary to the progress of these positions.

The preliminary step of SEO is to make your site known to all search engines. It is indexing, by direct or indirect submission.
Search engines do not all work the same way regarding their natural SEO.

The strategy of your natural referencing is part of a marketing logic.

Your SEO strategy must live all year to maintain your natural SEO in the top 20 search engine results on the keywords of your business. We also offer the creation of banner ads to generate traffic directly from other websites.

Discovery of your core business

Comprehensive Competitive Study
Identify your marketing and communication targets
Complete audit of your site
Creating Your SEO Strategy
Analyzing Your Target Requests
Development of keyword matrices
Manual submissions and indexing to all referencing engines
Policy Recommendations for Title Definitions and Key Descriptions
Optimization of the static and dynamic elements of the site.
Evaluation and upload
Optimization of editorial content
Manual Submissions on Search Tools (OR)
Follow-up of your natural referencing month by month
Annual Technology Watch
Annual Competitive Watch
Project manager dedicated to your natural referencing for one year

Improve your positioning on the WEB

The optimization of your website is paramount to be among the first on the search engines.

Our SEO strategy

Our SEO strategy includes:

  1. An analysis of your site and its content.
  2. Our advice on the choice of keywords.
  3. Our advice on the choice of networks.
  4. Define titles and descriptions of your ads.
  5. Redirect users to your site
  6. An analysis of the conversion rate
  7. Performance measurement by networks and motors
  8. Performance measurement by keywords.
  9. Cost analysis per user.
  10. Real-time return on investment calculation

Natural SEO Process

Objective: creating natural traffic

  1. Optimize your positioning in the search engines and help you drain qualified traffic to your site.
  2. Identify the brakes regarding low SEO of your site.
  3. Define the right keywords, tags and accompany their deployment on the site.
  4. Maximize the popularity of the site by obtaining backlinks (referring links).

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SEO web

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